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I grew up in Moscow, Russia. At 17 I moved to Boston to attend Boston University. My first academic interest was economics but I switched to math mid-way. In 2017 I spent a semester in Auckland, New Zealand, where I took my first proof based-math class. In 2020 I graduated from BU but stayed another year for a Masters degree in computer science, graduating in 2021. I've been doing a PhD in pure mathematics at the University of Washington since then.

Professional interests

The free group on 3 generators embeds in the free group on 2 generators via the map induced by the covering.
On the math side of things I enjoy anything interdisciplinary. For example, using algebra to study topological spaces (shoutout to π1\pi_1 and HdRH_{\text{dR}}) or using smooth manifold theory in complex analysis. I do not have a concrete research interest yet; working on it!

On the computer science side of things, my favorite topic is computational complexity from both the theoretical and practical points of view. I like the process of designing fast algorithms and implementing them efficiently.


Lincoln Woods, August, 2020.

In my free time I do rock bouldering and calisthenics. I also like reading popular science books: some my favorites are "How to Hide an Empire" and "The Sixth Extinction." I use GoodReads to keep track of books I have read and want to read.

Contact information

Github: vilin97
CV: Resume